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Toko Karya Baru Seal

Gland Packing Seals
Gland Packing Seals
Gland Packing Seals
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Packing Gland created as a sealing device (appliance any blocks), but because he had a trickle, then he is more accurately described as restrictional device (appliance barrier). Usually made with braided or woven system with cross-sectional shape of the box. Constituent materials can include graphite, Acrilic, PTFE, asbestos etc. This tool has a function to control the leak, not to prevent all leaks. Gland Packing must always be lubricated and leak are encouraged to keep their lubrication is approximately 40 to 60 drops per minute. Packing lubrication method depends on the condition of the liquid pumped and the pressure on the stuffing box.


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