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Oring Cord
Oring Cord
Oring Cord
Oring Cord
Oring Cord
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All our O-ring cords are manufactured to BS ISO 3302-1, with Class E2 as standard.

1.6mm (1/16 inch), 1.78mm (0.070 inch), 2.0mm, 2.4mm (3/32 inch), 2.62mm (0.103 inch), 3.0mm, 3.18mm (1/8 inch), 3.53mm (0.139 inch), 4.0mm (5/32 inch), 4.5mm, 4.76mm (3/16 inch), 5.0mm, 5.33mm (0.210 inch), 5.7mm, 6.0mm, 6.35mm (1/4 inch), 6.99mm (0.275 inch), 8.0mm (5/16 inch), 8.73mm (11/32 inch), 9.5mm (3/8 inch), 10mm, 10.32mm (13/32 inch), 11.11mm (7/16 inch), 11.91mm (15/32 inch), 12.7mm (1/2 inch).

FR10/80 fluorocarbon (80 IRHD)
PB70 nitrile (70 IRHD)
EP21/E/80 ethylene-propylene (80 IRHD)
GN/W/70 chloroprene/neoprene (70 IRHD)

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